Welcome to  A c t i v i t i e s   f o r  h a p p y  d o g s   !

This guide was created as part of Turid RUGAAS’s Internation Dog Trainer’s Education (IDTE) from November 2015 to November 2016, which took place in Paulina DRURI’s premises in France, North of Paris.

It includes many ideas of activities we can organize with our 4 legged companions. It also contains basic principles to ensure that the activities are likely to be successful and are done in an atmosphere of mutual respect, fun and friendliness.

The « recipes » described are guidelines: let us not blindly follow them, without asking ourselves if one or several adjustments are necessary for our dogs, according to their own physical and mental capabilities and their experience (or lack of it).

The basic idea is that these activities are playful games, amusing occupations. Let us not put too much pressure on ourselves and, above all, let us not put pressure on our dogs!

I wish you a lot of fun, for you and your dogs! 


IDTE 2015-2016 Turid Rugaas


IDTE 2015-2016 Turid Rugaas’ training


activités pour chiens épanouis stimulations mentales et jeux d'olfaction

Activities for happy dogs