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Sensory Integration 

Discover how our dog’s physical condition affects his behaviour

We all know pain will influence behaviour, but there are many more physical aspects which have a direct influence on behaviour. Behaviour is a reaction to what is perceived in the environment (internal and external environment), it all starts with a stimulation of the senses and the integration of this information in the brain.  In this workshop we will look into this brain-body connection.

What is sensory integration ? How does sensory integration help with the development of normal well balanced and social behaviour? How does it help with such issues as pulling on the lead, fearful or aggressive behaviours, hyper activity or shyness …. ?

How can we use sensory integration in such physical issues as instability in peripheral joints or in the spine ? How is body awareness developed and why is it so important in movement and in behaviour?

Simple, easy to do at home, exercises will be explained and demonstrated.

This workshop is accessible to pet parents as well as professionals.

Friday 1st May 2020 from 9am to 17pm, in the Village Hall, Place de Warêt-la-Chaussée
Grande Ruelle 85, 5310 Warêt-la-Chaussée

The workshop will be given in English by Els Vidts of Freedogz (translated into French).

Physiotherapist, osteopath, canine consultant specialised in behaviour and a Turid Rugaas graduate, Els continues her work to help dogs and improve their well-being.

Information :

– Limited number of places

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  • PDTE, TR IDTE and Procanina 80 €
  • Early bird 85 € —> 31.03.2020
  • Full price 100 € àpd 01.04.2020

– Stand : books, harnesses et leashes

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