Welcome to the Website of   A c t i v i t i e s   f o r   h a p p y   d o g s   !

I’am Carole and have been a dog trainer for many years. The Website was created as my project at the end of my International Dog Training Education with Turid RUGAAS also President of the PDTE – Pet Dog Trainers of Europe, (November 2015 to November 2016)  at Chien presque parfait Paulina DRURI school, in France.

The website is full of ideas of activities to organise for our 4-legged-friends. all done with  respect, fun and conviviality.

The “recipes” are only general guidelines: they are not to be followed blindly, let’s check  what our dog needs:  what do we need to adapt, depending on his physical and mental abilities and/or experience or lack of experience.

The core principle is that these are playful activities, games and fun pastimes. No pressure – neither on ourselves nor on our dogs!

I wish you and your dog many wonderful and enoyable moments of play!


IDTE 2015-2016 Turid Rugaas


IDTE 2015-2016 Turid Rugaas’s training

activités pour chiens épanouis stimulations mentales et jeux d'olfaction

Activities for happy dogs