Activities for our dogs…. and for us !

Watch the world go by

As good observers, if they have the opportunity, our dogs will spend time looking out of a window: birds or the neighbour’s cat crossing the garden, passers-by on the pavement, cars,… While observing, if our dogs seem to “do nothing”, their brain is nevertheless at work: the sensory pathways (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch) feed the brain with all kinds of information. Although there is no physical activity, the neurons are indeed working at full capacity.

“Doing nothing” is an activity that we can offer them on a walk: stopping at a terrace, in a garden, on a bench,… Watching the world go by, picking up sensory information from the environment,…

Ne rien faire dans le jardin
Doing nothing in the garden: the brain is working

Regarder passer le monde en promenade
Watching the world go by

Faire une pause promenade regarder passer le monde
Taking a break during the walk, watching the world go by
activités pour chiens épanouis stimulations mentales et jeux d'olfaction
Activities for happy dogs