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Sleep and recovery

Our adult dogs need to sleep an average of 16 hours a day, depending on the breed and individual. A puppy may need up to 20 hours of sleep.

Lying on the deck or in an armchair, seemingly doing nothing, just watching us or watching and listening to the world go by is not part of the resting time. Exercising your senses stimulates the brain, so it is an activity in itself.

While as a general rule, a dog needs an average of 16 hours of sleep, he will need more rest if he has participated in an exceptional activity. Our dog’s brain and body require a longer recovery time, as do ours when we go on a full day excursion if this is not our habit. Depending on the individual (age, state of health,…), his habits and his training for certain activities, our companion needs a longer recovery time.

Let’s not forget that exciting or stressful activities also generate additional fatigue, which calls for a additional recovery time.

Dormir seul...
Sleeping alone …

... ou en communauté
… or together


  • Doing nothing is an activity;
  • An exceptional activity leads to an exceptional sleep period;
  • Every individual has his own optimal recovery time.
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Activities for happy dogs