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Dr Amber BATSON, Vet and Behaviourist


Online course and Q&A Live session on 14.03.2023
In English, translated into French

Amber Batson has been teaching canine behaviour for nearly 18 years. She strongly believes that all aspects of the animal’s life should be considered, including long-term health and behaviour.

On offer:

  • pre-recorded online session in English, with French subtitles, available from 21 February 2023; lasts 3h00 and remains available for 2 weeks after the Q&A session
  • 1 live Q&A session on Tuesday 14 March 2023 at 8pm (Brussels time)
  • Topics: why, when and how to sterilize (males and females) and their consequences on long-term health and behaviour


  • early bird to 31st December 2022: 60 euros
  • full price from 1st January 2023: 75 euros

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