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Dr Conor Brady, Doctor in Animal Behaviour


Online course and Q&A Live session on the 22.09.2022
In English, translated into French

Who is Dr Conor Brady, BSc. PhD. Animal Behaviour?

“After college, I spent five years in guide dogs as a pup supervisor and guide dog trainer. It was while I was working in Guide Dogs in Australia that the true powers of raw feeding came to light. That was +/- 15 years ago. The time since bar a couple of years as a producer myself, I have spent as a full-time writer, speaker and dedicated advocate for natural canine food and health, much of which you can find at my website As a dog lover and keen researcher, the subject fascinated and consumes me, providing me with near bottomless rabbit holes that demand exploration, culminating in my book Feeding Dogs which proudly remains the top rated manual on canine nutrition on Amazon.”

On offer:

  • pre-recorded online session in English, with French subtitles, available from 8 September 2022; lasts 1h25 and remains available for 1 week after the Q&A session
  • Topics: the effects of food and stress, aggression and bad behaviour, proteins, vitamins, minerals, bioactive compounds, intestinal flora, preservatives, prebiotics, probiotics and antibiotics,…
  • 1 live Q&A session on Thursday 22 September 2022 at 8pm (Brussels time)

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