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Dr Amber Batson, veterinary behaviourist

CAVORTING CANINES: Effects of exercise on the dog

Online course (4 recorded sessions) and Q&A Live session on the 18.11.2021
In English, translated into French

Amber Batson graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 1999. She has been teaching canine behaviour for nearly 17 years. She strongly believes that all aspects of the animal’s life should be considered, including the animal’s daily activities.

Her courses and lectures on animal behaviour and welfare are aimed at non-professionals as well as professionals (including dog trainers, behaviourists, veterinarians, veterinary assistants) all over the world. She dissects and popularises scientific studies to make them understandable to us.

On offer:

  • 4 pre-recorded online sessions in English, with French subtitles, available every Thursday from 14 October 2021; each part lasts between 1h02 and 1h46 and remains available until 2 weeks after the Q&A session on 18 November 2021
  • 1 live Q&A session on Thursday 18 November 2021 at 8pm (Brussels time)
  • Topics: physical and mental exercises, physiology and ethogram of the dog, stress factors, sleep, medical conditions (anxiety, obesity, arthrosis,…), each topic being supported by recent scientific research
  • Certificat of attendance: sent by email during the week of 22 November

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