Balanced activities and their benefits


Balanced activities

A dog who is bored will show behavioral problems[1] (non-exhaustive list: intensive licking or biting a part of his body, chase his tail, destruction of objects at home, round trip without purpose along a fence or a door, …). It is up to us to offer him enough interesting activities while respecting his needs for recovery and sleep. If a dog who is bored shows behavioral problems, an “overbooked” dog will show just as much.

[1] Distinction : unwelcome behaviours (natural behaviour for a dog but judged unwelcome in the society) and behavioral disorder (unnatural behaviour of a dog).

Strengthen the complicity

The activities also have a direct consequence on the relationship we have with our dog: time spent together strengthens our complicity, with the condition that these shared moments are full of respect, fun and friendliness.

Build trust

Finally, any successful challenge reinforces:

  • the confidence the dog has in himself,
  • the trust he has in us,
  • the trust we have in him.

Small victories after small victories, the building of this trust will allow our companion to overcome his fears, to take initiatives and to take on new challenges. Being successful in these challenges will once again help to build confidence in himself.

Faire confiance

A matter of trust…

activités pour chiens épanouis stimulations mentales et jeux d'olfaction

Activities for happy dogs